Frequently asked questions

Do you make custom ordered pieces?

Yes, we love bringing life to your idea and making one-off pieces specially tailored to meet your desires.

Will you cut something in a different size than the routine pieces?

Absolutely! Our customers are the very best, and we want them to be satisfied knowing that the void on their wall will be filled with the size cutout that best fits their needs

Are different paint schemes an option?

Sure thing.. If you'd like your own personal twist to the color combination or layout on a particular piece, we'll gladly work with you to meet that desire.

Is powder coat better than paint?

While they both have there place in the industry, powder coat is certainly more durable than paint. with over 6,500 colors to choose from, powder coat is becoming more desireable than paint. Powder is oil & fuel resistant, most are u.v stable and those that aren't can be coated over with a clear that allows for u.v stability.

Will you do production style CNC cuts of tabs, brackets, etc?

Absolutely! If you send us an auto-cad drawing, or even a clear sketch on paper we will draw it up in our program and cut whatever it is you need in any quantity.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, we love to save our customers money when possible.